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üttana puts lessons & learning together for people, so you can get more done at work with less effort. üttana organizes your teams' learning, training objectives, and your own learning.

  • Connect with your teams; see everyone's progress
  • Get updates without asking, never wonder who's learning what
  • On-the-go learning; stay focused, hit your milestones
  • Visualize learning; match and choose videos

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For Groups large and small-anytime, anywhere

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  • Track your team's progress with our learning dashboard
  • Learn anywhere on Macs, PC's, tablets and smart phones
  • Concise learning crafted for the busy work schedule
  • Unlimited access, train all your employees
“I was absolutely blown away by üttana. With their platform, I can stream the expertise right to the factory floor!”

- Julie Williams

Chief Executive Officer

“uttana.com is an incredible resource. Using their library of high-quality content, we were able to cut waste and train our team. ”

- Marcel McLeod

Managing Director
Totalfab Engineering Services

“With üttana, I am finally able to breakdown the formality of workplace learning. Their website is so easy to use!”

- Hans Polte

Operations Manager
Oregon Metal Slitters

“üttana also provides the tools to educate employees not just watch videos and specifically tracks each person and their education.”

- Harley Ensing

VP & General Manager, AquaPlay
White Water Industries

“This is the missing tool I've been looking for! Finally, I'm able to quickly and easily bring my employees up-to-speed on Lean NOW.”

- Calvin Holte

Chief Operations Operator
BD Diesel Performance